Hey, it’s me, I’m back. Since I last wrote to you, things have gotten completely out of hand here at Meadeworld Entertainment International. In a (mostly) bloodless coup, the newsletter department has locked the board of directors in the basement of our world headquarters and taken over operations for the entire company. And worst of all, they didn’t even bother putting out a newsletter this month. So, I’m writing to you right now from inside a cabinet on the 14th floor, which used to be the home of our apparel division. It appears to have been converted into some sort of test kitchen; perhaps from which to launch a Jesse Meade line of frozen foods. Which now that I think about it, is a pretty damn good idea. It also might explain why they chose to leak my secret recipe for Chocolate Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies last month. They’re slowly trying to associate my name with food instead of music. Well, I won’t stand for it. Here’s the shows I’m playing this month, if I can get out of the building:

Sat, 7/4, 4:00pm Troon Vineyard Carlton Tasting Room Carlton, OR map n/c
Tue, 7/7, 9:30pm 5th Street Cornucopia Eugene, OR map n/c
Sun, 7/12, 2:00pm Sweet Cheeks Winery Eugene, OR map n/c
Tue, 7/14, 9:30pm 5th Street Cornucopia Eugene, OR map n/c
Fri, 7/17, 8:00pm First National Taphouse Eugene, OR map n/c
Sat, 7/18, 2:00pm Iris Vineyards Eugene, OR map n/c
Tue, 7/21, 9:30pm 5th Street Cornucopia Eugene, OR map n/c
Sat, 7/25, 7:00pm The Horse Radish Carlton, OR map n/c
Sun, 7/26, 5:00pm Zach’s Bistro Newport, OR map n/c
Tue, 7/28, 9:30pm 5th Street Cornucopia Eugene, OR map n/c
Fri, 7/31, 5:30pm J. Scott Cellars Eugene, OR map n/c
I did manage to sneak out late last night and record this version of the incredibly fitting Duke Ellington classic “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”:
I hear footsteps coming, I’ve got to go. Hopefully, I’ll talk to you next month.

Stay strong,

Jesse Meade
CEO(temporarily deposed)/Celebrity Chef
Meadeworld Entertainment International

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